CFSK Launches E-Learning Platform


The wave of digital content is sweeping the country and Africa as a whole, the old modes of learning are been replaced by use of technology. The Kenyans government has come up with great initiatives like one laptop per child which is targeting to digitalis the new generation of students, content delivery and presentation is expected to change. 

E-learning is one of the new modes of training and learning. Computers for Schools Kenya launched an e-learning platform targeting all groups of people which include professionals, tutors, schools and individuals. This is an introduction to the new mode of training and learning using digital content.

The content found in this platform will elaborate the applications of Microsoft office,use of ICT to teach and smart boards. The beauty of this platform is also in the payment methods provided,your favorite mode of payment MPESA is available here where by the learner wouldn’t need to go to bank or class to make any payments 

Once the payments are concluded the learner is automatically enrolled to the course. This course takes upto 4 weeks including the examination. Each week costs Kshs.500 

Feel free to sign up and enjoy the experience